Innovation is critical for future growth but there are new risks, challenges and uncertainties in adjacent spaces compared to your core business.

But how should you innovate outside your core?  That’s where Ignite Exponential comes in. To explore how we define, design and deliver disruptive innovation with established brands and corporations, contact us.

How we work

Our team is proudly multi-disciplinary because when you’re innovating outside the corporate core it is important to systematically explore opportunities from the most holistic perspective.

We intentionally work across a range of diverse industries so we are well placed to challenge local limiting assumptions and make the unusual connections that inspire transformational innovation and growth.

From hundreds of successful collaborations helping leading companies to grow beyond their core we know there is no “one size fits all” and our team customises each collaboration to your specific needs based on an innovation toolbox built over several decades. 

Our services include:

Our work includes...

Driving sustainability transformation

How to drive business growth and consumer experience while reducing material use.

How to transform the product assembly experience

Evaluating consumers’ product assembly experiences and identifying actionable changes to improve these interactions and therefore build on customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Digital transformation in the sports category

Helping to successfully transform a brand from a physical to a connected product.

Innovation design for smart cities

Designing a multi-sensor pod for a market leader in smart street lighting.

Consumer product teardown

Understanding the incumbents for competitive advantage.

Profit from spare capacity

Monetising spare manufacturing capacity and creating a new product segment.

The future of cold chain

Robusting the value proposition for our client and deliver a rapid prototype.