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Driving Digital Adoption

The Challenge.

An International B2B digital platform company, AgSpace, provides satellite mapping, weather and forecasting data via desktop and a mobile app that can dramatically reduce farm input costs and improve yields for Agriculture businesses. AgSpace asked us to help it find ways to drive adoption of its digital tools by a sceptical marketplace where take-up and consistent usage for maximum benefit was a pain point.


Our Approach.

We hear from companies in many industries about the challenges they face in introducing digital products to their own markets. As well as our work in consumer, healthcare and industrial products, we were able to learn from several professional B2B sectors such as building services, dentistry, healthcare and insurance.

Using a systematic innovation framework, we were able to bring our customer’s deep industry experience of farmers and agronomists together with this ‘out of industry’ perspective to better understand where the opportunities lay for improving farmers’ adoption of their digital products: ‘Contour’ and ‘Rhiza’.  We conducted extensive research to embed us in the industry, including marketplace surveys and attending industry events like LAMMA. In turn, by bringing together a multi-disciplinary team (strategy, design, marketing, product management) and drawing on examples of successful digital interventions in other markets, we were able to identify new options and quickly build confidence in a series of tangible next steps to drive adoption of their digital products. 

Our Impact.

The preparatory work culminated in a highly bespoke workshop at our client’s UK headquarters.

Within a week of the workshop, the first ideas had been fast tracked into the platform’s development pipeline with a series of longer term interventions to come.


“Alan and his team should be your number one innovation workshop partner. The workshop session was thought provoking and resulted in six short term actions, and one has already been implemented. The session confirmed some things we already knew, but working with Ignite also introduced completely new concepts from outside of our industry. We were impressed with the background research conducted by Ignite which meant our innovation process was tailored specifically to our business”.

Rachel Watling, AgSpace