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We help corporate leaders grow through disruption.

Technologies are changing

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of CEOs agree Covid significantly accelerated digital transformation

Customers are changing

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of consumers change their purchase based on social responsibility, inclusiveness or environmental impact

Competitors are changing

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faster growth of small and medium companies vs. bigger brands 

Innovation is critical for future growth but there are new risks, challenges and uncertainties in adjacent spaces compared to your core business.

Your strategy, design and engineering teams all innovate. But in these new and changing spaces, your teams’ traditional industry expertise might be limiting your opportunities.

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How you define, design and deliver innovation makes all the difference between failure and success.

That’s where we come in...

how to innovate


Innovation Capability

We helped a leading brand build on experience from non-competing innovation leaders to understand how it could succeed in IoT and connected products.

where to focus

Innovation Strategy

We challenged limiting assumptions and unblocked strategic barriers to help a leading consumer brand find competitive advantage to enter a new category.

what to create

Design & Development

We defined a new smart city concept and our multi-disciplinary design and engineering team rapidly brought the award winning new product system to market.

dont just take our word for it...

who we are

Ignite Exponential is an expert partner for corporate innovation leaders helping them to grow their business through adjacent and transformational innovation. We are a catalyst for your internal teams and translate strategic problems into actionable solutions – not just another report. We particularly focus on new products and experiences enabled by connected/IoT technologies and business models. Our work helps leaders to accelerate innovation, increase return on investment and reduce the risk of failure.

Alan cucknell
strategic innovation
Emma Plumtree
market research
Georgie Jones
Innovation Consultant
Andrew Wynne
Head of Design
Edwina Mullins
strategic marketing
Steve Fitz
Technology Lead
Nick Thornton
Design & Packaging

We are a part of specialist design and engineering consultancy, Plextek, which has been developing IoT and connected products and systems for more than 30 years. Our combined teams ensure your innovation translates through to de-risked and viable product development, and on to manufacture.

We are Partners

We’re an expert team with a track record across industries. We know there is no “one size fits all” for innovation and customise each collaboration to your specific need.

This means we complement your own team as a catalyst to make innovation happen.


Our team is proudly multi-disciplinary bringing decades of strategic, marketing, technology and design experience from in-house corporate roles and consultancy.

This allows us to translate between functional silos and find the critical “red thread”.

We are Fresh

We’re not experts in your business.  We bring complementary experience from 100’s of previous innovation, strategy and design collaborations in other industries.

This allows us to spot limiting assumptions and provide the inspiration for creating your own success.

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Innovation partners for DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION & IoT

For innovation design and delivery...