New ideas are easy. Sustainable growth isn’t.

Technology acceleration is driving increased uncertainty in customer needs and competitive landscapes across industries. This creates a particular challenge for sustainable growth. What worked well in the past, isn’t a recipe for success in the future.

We help our partners to create sustainable growth through strategic innovation, marketing, technology and design.

We Ignite Exponential.

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What we do

About us.

Ignite Exponential was born from a shared frustration of the conventional approach to technology and design. We observed a paradox: while there are many standard processes and tools for innovation, each company, and the strategic challenges it faces are unique. Standard innovation tools can even get in the way of real collaboration and lead to standard results.

We believe your growth is too important to leave to a generic process. So we founded Ignite Exponential.

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About us

Our team.

We are intensely collaborative. Our experienced team of innovators brings fresh and often unconventional perspectives to partnerships.

We combine wide-ranging multi-disciplinary expertise and cross-industry experience with a passion for creativity, experimentation and execution.

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What we do

Thought Space.

12th July, 2019

Why innovation partnerships should be more like a physio and less like a doctor.

Several years ago I had needed to seek the advice of UK doctors and physiotherapists to try to treat a long-standing...

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25th June, 2019

Innovation learnings from a designer

The Front End Innovation (FEI) Europe conference was held last week in parallel with the larger ISPIM...

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21st June, 2019

A new way forward, proposing the IEX way

This is the final blog of our 5 part Ignite Innovation blog series from the Head of Ignite Exponential, Alan...

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