The Future Cold Chain

The Challenge.

Celsius Limited is a digital end-to-end cold chain logistics company. It provides the food and pharmaceutical industries with temperature-controlled distribution and helps providers to create additional revenue from unused storage and transport capacity. As a result, it saves costs, reduces waste, dramatically reduces environmental impact, and enables the cold chain to be more robust to external disruptions.

To help the company raise funds to grow, Ignite Exponential was asked to create a demonstration video to clarify the proposition and to allow investors to experience the concept first-hand.  In addition, we created a web-based user-interface demo allowing Celsius to rapidly test the concept with customers and to optimize the design of its software before coding even began.

celsius dashboard

Our Approach.

The Ignite team helped Celsius to map the user journey of its target shipping customers and asset providers and to identify their key interactions with its software. Inspired by B2B and B2C software platforms in other industries, we mapped and created a user experience that whilst data-rich is visually lightweight and clear. It has an intuitive user interface that was consistent with Celsius’ brand values maintained by working closely with their branding team – Michael Wolfe + NB Studio. We then scripted and produced the short video introducing Celsius’ offering and showcasing how the software would be used by its shipping customers and asset providers. 

Throughout the collaboration Ignite Exponential was able to bring new ideas from its analysis and experience in other industry sectors that further strengthened Celsius’ proposition and business model. 

Our Impact.

Celsius is now successfully using these tools in discussions with investors and customers. In combination, they enable Celsius to communicate its service clearly and compellingly and to rapidly build on feedback to improve the product.  The feedback has already refined the company’s initial specification and will ensure the software offers exactly what its customer needs in a timely fashion. The Ignite Exponential collaboration set a foundation for Celsius’ future growth, now set to progress as we continue to develop and expand the next generation of cold chain logistics technology together.

“the team at Ignite Exponential quickly understood our concept and was able to proactively enhance the message and visualise the concept. They created a sleek and professional demonstration enabling viewers to experience our proposed user experience.  The final product has been crucial in our further process of attracting both customers and capital.  We view our relationship with Ignite as crucial to the further growth of our business, and we look forward to their continued input and as an integral cog in our own team.”

Jeff Kirby, Celsius’ CEO