We set up Ignite Exponential to help companies to grow sustainably in increasingly uncertain times. At the founding, we were focussed on working with innovation leaders at companies who were facing disruption by new technologies, new business models or new competition. 
While the source of disruption is different today, in so many ways the purpose, values and approach of Ignite Exponential is as relevant, and as important as ever.
Even in just the last few weeks, in addition to the real healthcare crisis impacting our nations, we’ve also seen considerable disruption of supply chains, consumer behaviours and of many aspects of life we once took for granted. Our families, companies and customers are still digesting what this means for them and trying to understand how to survive and to react. Life and business have been disrupted, and the only certainty seems to be uncertainty. 
In our view, there has never been a more important time for agile partnerships to deliver the disruptive innovations we need. 
Our message from Ignite is simple: if you find your business being disrupted by this crisis, we’re here for you. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, we’re not selling a magic process to fix this, and we certainly don’t pretend we can make this disruption go away. 
But we do have a team with decades of experience helping leading companies to navigate uncertainty and to deliver strategic breakthroughs. We believe that our approach of bringing rich insight from previous disruptions and sharing expertise across industry boundaries and functional silos continues to be a powerful complement to our partners’ internal expertise. And our close-knit multi-disciplinary team, while now based in our respective homes, is used to working remotely from each other and our customers. In that sense (and that sense only) this is 'business as usual’.
In our own communities and with our customers, we are working daily on a number of specific areas that we hope will help with the response to the Coronavirus epidemic and the associated industry disruptions. More on these as they develop. 
But we’re also here for the wider professional community. We’ll continue to share innovation tools, observations and analysis through our LinkedIn channel with our wider community in the hope that it can help others at this time of considerable change too. 
If you are facing disruption; and if you'd value a fresh pair of eyes and ears with no strings attached – please just get in touch. 
We’re here for you. And we’ll get through this together.
Stay safe.