The classic quote goes: “hard skills get you the interview; soft skills get you the job”.

At Ignite Exponential, we want to see businesses move away from standard recruitment and towards a more productive way of scaling up their teams – thinking human. Hard skills are of course necessary but are taught abilities.

However personality, cultural fit, tenacity and being hard-working are innate elements within a person.  And we are interested in you as a person. All companies that are growing exponentially need to ‘think human’ in order to keep the essence of the business running throughout its organisation.

With that in mind, we’re looking to grow our team to help us keep up with interest from new customers. There is no template, and no fixed job description – we want to create your role with you.

To be successful, you will enjoy bringing your own specific expertise to the table. This might be in design, innovation, technology or another related discipline. Regardless, you should have an aptitude to work successfully across disciplines, methodologies and markets. Understanding customers’ challenges and creating new solutions should be second nature to you.

As well as working with customers, you’ll be passionate about our mission and help to build Ignite Exponential’s team, capabilities and facilities. We’re at the start of our journey and want you to help shape it.

If you want to work with established global brands and growing start-ups to help create their future, but you don’t want to be constrained by ‘standard processes’ – please get in touch with a description of your ideal role: