Creating a future pipeline to prevent mastitis

The Challenge.

Mastitis is a key concern for the health of dairy cows – causing pain for animals, disrupting milk production and incurring significant costs for farmers. Mastitis usually occurs after dry-off, a structured procedure that starts with thorough disinfection, followed by administration of antibiotics when necessary and ending with application of a teat sealant.

Our Approach.

We interviewed farmers and observed the milking and dry off processes using existing practices and products. We observed how differentiation amongst the existing products is minimal and there are well known pain points for farmers. Through a quantitative follow-on study we validated these needs and prioritised four core “jobs-to-be-done”. Building on the insight and evidence from our research we designed, prepared for and led a multidisciplinary and interactive innovation workshop over several days held onsite at a dairy farm.  We experienced dry-off first hand, explored analogies and inspiration for how these pain points and needs are addressed in other markets – and created a broad portfolio of ideas. 

Our Impact.

Together we assessed, refined and prioritised ideas, as our design team brought concepts to life in real time with powerful sketches and models. By the end of the workshop we created an initial portfolio for short, medium and long term product and service concepts to improve dry-off, and a next steps plan for how these would be realised.

Since the workshop we’ve continued to support the development of the key concepts, the first of which will be launched in early 2023.